Green Logistics: The Key to a Company’s Survival

Every company, inside or outside of logistics and freight, has a social responsibility for the planet, and it is the responsibility of businessmen − especially those of large corporations − as well as consumers to strive to create processes and demand products that guarantee caring for the environment or, at least, try to do something to compensate for the impact generated by all industries.

In support of the above, the next step companies must take is going all out to become sustainable organizations that ensure ecological measures in their organizational values, processes and raw materials in order to take better care of the planet, which is what it’s called corporate sustainability.

How to make a positive and sustainable change in industries?

State offices and international organizations and institutions are already working hand in hand with industries to reduce the negative and polluting impact resulting from industrial activities. Therefore, it’s no longer enough for a company to sell products or services. It has become indispensable to create and upkeep a good reputation as a company that holds itself responsible for the environment. 

It’s also essential for companies to be mindful of the society to continue operating and competing in any market, especially when trying to reach young consumers whose social and ecological awareness is higher and who have witnessed the environmental consequences brought about by poor practices of the past, causing in 2019 an increase of 2.6% in gas emissions that exacerbate global warming.

It should be noted that several sustainable companies such as Bimbo Group or Femsa have for quite a few years implemented policies that minimize their impact on the environment without affecting their productivity.

These policies include incorporating recycling systems and investments in sustainability projects that benefit their communities seeking to achieve sustainable development.

What’s more, there are some organizations that are contemplating hiring logistics operators and sustainable logistics companies because they understand that the transportation of goods is vital to supply their operative centers or deliver their products to the end consumer all along the logistics chain.

Despite the fact that distribution logistics is deemed greatly responsible for the generation of pollutants that harm the environment, there are logistics and freight solutions in place, such as Akzent Zero that help neutralize CO₂ emissions in the industry.

Consequences and challenges for companies

Stemmed from the high levels of pollution in the world, environmental concern has led companies to following recommendations to become more sustainable by leveraging green logistics, for example. Nonetheless, some companies haven’t concluded implementing such necessary changes.

In this new era, urging for changes in favor of the environment, those organizations which take longer to include sustainable measures will put themselves at a high risk since making use of technologies, green logistics companies and ecological innovation projects can catapult them to participate in new markets that they wouldn’t reach otherwise.

This is the main topic of a survey conducted by Orange Business Services, where 59% of businessmen stated that disregarding sustainable values and practices is a commercial risk, while 85% of them are contemplating investing in them in time to come.

The role of technology in green logistics

From the logistic operator and freight agents to the last mile delivery, the logistics industry requires technological tools to be more sustainable.

As expert freight forwarders, Akzent is aware of this need and offers its clients tools such as route planning software, which allows their freight agents to deliver solutions that make the logistics distribution chain more efficient.

At Akzent, we join the international effort to reduce the ecological footprint in our operations and therefore have created Akzent Zero, thanks to which we minimize CO₂ emissions that are the common result of logistics-related activities.

This program has been certified by Gold Standard Global Goals, Climate Action Reserve, American Carbon Registry and Verified Carbon Standard, accrediting us as a sustainable freight forwarder and as the logistic solution your company needs to engage yourself in environmental care.

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