The Best Freight Forwarding Service in Mexico

Logistics has been, is and will continue to be paramount in international trade with its many different logistics activities that altogether serve as a link between production and markets separated by time and distance.

Logistics and supply chain management makes it possible to plan and perform logistics and distribution activities, looking to satisfy demand with a service that offers the best conditions, cost and quality. This way, the purpose is to operate the necessary and appropriate means to accomplish this objective taking into account surfaces, means of transport, information technology, logistics and transportation, freight forwarding services, among others, mobilizing both human and financial resources so that all goods are delivered on time and in the right way.

Once we bear in mind the great importance logistics represents in the world, the role of logistics operators comes into play. Such is the case of Akzent, a Mexican company with over 20 years’ experience, whose job is to design customized international logistics solutions that entail each step of the supply chain, focusing on each project’s specific needs using a single digital platform.

Akzent is one of the main freight forwarding companies in Nuevo Leon. Over its years of experience, it has successfully obtained certifications like: C-TPAT, ISO 9001:2015, OEA (Authorized Economic Operator), HAZMAT and IATA. Akzent is also an active member of the largest freight forwarders networks worldwide, which has proved useful to provide integral logistics services, encompassing communications, visibility and the analytical tools necessary along the entire logistic process. These are the logistics services Akzent can provide you with:

  • Warehousing and distribution: We care for your goods and cargo and deliver them safe and sound at their destination with our transfer and distribution services to specific delivery points. For better comfort of the loads that may require it, we have spaces to protect and store them, as well as areas destined to consolidating, assembling packages and special cargo.

  • Land freight: We move your cargo efficiently and effectively choosing the most suitable type of transport. Our shipping service ranges from packages and expedited delivery to specialized freight. What is more, our expertise and work have allowed us to own consolidation and distribution centers not only in Mexico but also in the United States in order to comply with any international logistics requirement that may arise.

  • Ocean freight: Due to globalization and an increase in e-commerce, international logistics has exponentially grown, making it crucial to have services that enable you to connect everywhere in the world with no hindrance. Our ocean logistic processes operate in the main domestic and international ports and deal with working out collection, consolidation and warehousing routes in port to arranging distribution import routes.

  • Air freight: We are aware that unexpected events can occur in logistics and transportation that need to be sorted out in as little time as possible, and when speed is priority in your delivery, we can respond at the right time with our expedited shipping service. As logistics operators, we offer a Hand Carrier service that includes specialized staff in cargo transportation in addition to our air freight service, certified by IATA.

  • Customs office: Our experience in logistics operations enables us to facilitate the control of your operations from beginning to end since we know the main ports, airports and crossing points perfectly well. Furthermore, we have presence in the US, use a flexible and tailor-made billing system, and have certifications in ISO 9001:2008, C-TPAT, OEA and Hazardous Materials.

There is no doubt that the logistics sector entails an infinite number of processes, which makes it vital to hire specialist logistics operators in international shipping such as Akzent. As an international logistics company, we have the necessary expertise, knowledge, service and technology to provide you with the highest quality services for each of your requirements. Contact us and receive fully customized advice. Akzent – We connect every move.

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